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TEN-HUT! Are You an American Revolution Generals Expert?

Generals have the highest rank in the military and get all the responsibility, blame, and glory. While Washington, Arnold, Cornwallis, and Howe receive the bulk of the attention, there were many generals who made contributions to the Revolutionary War. Think you know the generals? Take our 10-question quiz and find out!

How did General “Mad” Anthony Wayne get his nickname?
Who joined General Louis Duportail in Sandy Hook to watch for French officer, Count d’Estaing?
Why was General Casimir Pulaski known as “The Father of the American Cavalry?”
Which general was released in a prisoner exchange for capturing British officer Richard Prescott?
British Captain Joseph Brant defeated Patriot forces on July 22, 1779 at what battle in the Northern Delaware Valley?
Which British general was appointed peacekeeper at the Staten Island Peace Conference?
How many days did (then) Colonel Archibald Campbell wait for the Muscogee and Loyalists to reach him in Augusta in 1779?
How many days and miles did it take General John Burgoyne to reach Fort Edward because of General Philip Schuyler's use of Fabian tactics?
John Burgoyne, (a.k.a. Gentleman Johnny) in addition to being a British General, was a...
What was British Vice Admiral John Byron’s (1723-1786) nickname?


Cover photo courtesy of Sean Benham 

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